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Cult Experts Break Up Families

Meet Sam.


Sam started attending the Church of God after spending some time looking for a place to study the Bible.

He was impressed by the teachings and all the questions he had about God and the Bible were answered at the Church of God. But he was curious to know what other people had to say about the Church of God. So he searched online.


He came across some negative websites by people who are campaigning to make the Church of God seem like a cult. Sounds like a familiar case.

After understanding why people go against the Church of God, Sam was satisfied and continued his studies at the Church of God. Studying the Bible made Sam happy and it was evident.


During his first few months as a member, he would not stop talking to his family about the Church and about all the great things he was learning. Sam’s family was supportive and encouraging. They even visited the Church for Bible studies and experience what it was that made their son so happy.


Sam’s parents were impressed by the Church’s record of community service activities and awards. But in all, they were just happy to see that their son was happy as a member of the Church of God and even though they had a busy schedule, they planned to return to get to know the Church more.


One day, during a family gathering, Sam’s mom, Sherri, shared with her friend, Lisa, that they had been attending the Church of God and how excited Sam was to have found a new Church.

But Lisa’s reaction was unexpected. Lisa warned Sherri that Sam could be in a cult.




Is it really crazy to study the Bible? But thinking that Lisa’s intentions were genuine, Sherri followed her advice. Sherri went online to see what exactly Lisa was referring to. That’s when she ran into Barron’s video seminars.


Barron is a so-called “cult expert” that pretends to be the know-it-all of religion. Barron claims to have created a theory on how to identify destructive cults.

“Various behavioral changes indicate whether a person has joined a cult. One change includes, suddenly attending Bible studies. This is an immediate red flag. If they attend Bible studies and actually enjoy it, it is a clear sign  they have joined a cult. If their personality and behavior have abruptly changed to be happier and nicer, this proves they are part of a cult. Another red flag is if they fear God. A lot of these cults are instilling fear into members so that they don’t leave. By teaching them not to leave, they are breaking up families.”


Sam’s parents reached out to Baron thinking that he was a respectable “expert.” Baron convinced Sam’s parents the Church of God would break up their family. This came out of nowhere. Sam was still living at home with his family and his parents had witnessed how happy Sam was as a member of the Church. There was no indication at home that this was true. Baron, the so-called “cult expert” is the one who planted this idea into their heads.


Scared and believing in this “expert’s” words, Sam’s parents flew him into town. Without even knowing Sam or the family dynamics, Baron already had a plan for Sam and how to take him out of the Church of God. Baron showed up with Tom, an ex-member of the Church of God (who, by the way, seemed more like Baron’s puppet.)

Sam’s parents became weary to the point they drove Sam away from them because they had broken their family’s trust.

This is not just an animation. This is real life. Despite having the constitutional right to practice our religion, there are people who insist on labeling the World Mission Society Church of God as a cult, and labeling us, the members, as being brainwashed, as being robots who cannot think for ourselves. And what’s sad is that there are families who believe them and think their loved ones who have joined the Church are being controlled by others.

If your family member has joined the Church of God, don’t alienate them. Don’t deny them their right to freedom of religion. Do not let other people trick you into believing their lies only to fulfill their own agendas. Do not ever listen to others over your loved one.

The World Mission Society Church of God does not break up families. It is so-called “cult experts” like Baron who have made up the idea that the Church of God breaks up families and brainwashes people. They are the ones who are tearing apart Church of God families.

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  • Michael H

    Wow great article! I’m shocked that there are people who call themselves “cult experts.” This is a self-proclaimed profession and their ideas DO NOT MAKE SENSE! Isn’t it natural for someone to change and be happy when going to church? Also isn’t it natural to share this feeling with others? Clearly these “cult experts” are the ones causing problems!!! Trust the Bible! Not these so-called “cult experts” and see for yourself!

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