god the mother in the flesh

Believing God the Mother in the Flesh

Meet Mike.

Mike has been a member of the World Mission Society Church of God for about six years. He made a testimonial video to talk about his experience before and after attending the Church as well as his faith in God the Mother.

Mike grew up attending a number of different churches—Lutheran, Baptist, and non-denominational churches. But, as he explained, he never understood the main point of the Bible. And he was unsure of whether it was something meaningful in his life. After a discussion with a friend about the Bible, Mike became curious and grew a desire to want to learn more about it.

One day, Mike met members of the Church of God who invited him to a Bible study. And because he was curious to know whether the Bible is true or not, he attended a study. Mike learned about the Sabbath day and many other topics that he never knew about.

“For the first time in my life, I started to see why am I here. What is the purpose? How do I know the Bible is true? Everything was in the Bible and it amazed me.”

He was amazed to the point he wanted to know more and more about the Bible. Finally, Mike realized that by studying the Bible and seeing God’s teachings in it, he could have true faith.

Click on the video below and check out Mike’s story.

god the mother in the flesh

Video is courtesy of YouTube user: AHNSAHNGHONG GOD

Mike’s Faith in God the Mother in the Flesh

Through all of the Bible studies, Mike realized not only about having true faith but also about the existence of God the Mother. Growing up Christian, we always hear stories about Jesus Christ walking this earth. And we always wonder what it would be like. And that is the same thought Mike used to have.

“I never thought in a million years that I would be on the earth the same time as God. But every single time I read about Jesus Christ and the disciples, I always wondered: ‘What was it like to be walking with God? Man, they’re so lucky. Why not me?’ But I came to find out I am that person.”

As Mike explains, just as the Bible prophesied that Jesus Christ would come to the earth—God in the flesh—the Bible also prophesied that God the Mother would also come to the earth. You just need to take the time to study the Bible.

I encourage you to visit your nearest World Mission Society Church of God to learn more about God the Mother in the flesh.

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    God bless you. Neither did I think that I would be blessed enough to live side by side with God the Mother. We are blessed more than we deserve. Thanks to God the Father and Mother.

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