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Michele Colon Destroyed Her Own Marriage

In case you missed it, last month, I published a post about Michele Colon and her marriage. But I needed to do this follow up.

Just to recap, recently posted an article featuring Michele Colon, where she blames the World Mission Society Church of God for “destroying her marriage.” I brought light to the other side of the story – her ex-husband’s testimony. Even though Michele is no longer a member of the Church, he still is. And because he remained a member of the Church even after their divorce, she made it her mission to smear the reputation of the Church of God and blame the Church for her failed marriage.

… And just to be clear, the reason I am highlighting this on my blog is because Michele has hurt a lot of innocent people, broken up a lot of families and caused a lot of trouble to the Church with her lies. Because I know firsthand her claims are lies, I needed to include this on my blog. …

In the last post, I focused on several points, highlighting her ex-husband’s perspective on their failed marriage. But there is more to the story than what I presented last month.

The TrueWMSCOG blog posted additional testimony from Michele’s ex-husband. He describes Michele as someone manipulative and spiteful who would go through any means to get her way. She pretended to schedule a visit with a marriage counselor, when in reality she forced him to meet with a “cult expert,” known to kidnap people to “deprogram them.” Michele clearly projects her own characteristics onto the Church. While she claims the Church is deceiving, she is the one who deceived her husband. Michele Colon destroyed her own marriage and now blames the Church.

Her ex-husband even describes the physical, mental and emotional abuse that Michele put him through. Despite her lies, he continuously tried to make their marriage work. But her intolerance for his faith drove her to the point of making him choose between her and his faith giving him an ultimatum. And he chose to follow his faith.

Again, the World Mission Society Church of God is not the place Michele Colon makes it out to be. Her intent is only to defame the Church of God.

So if you haven’t yet, take a few minutes to check out the entire series about Michele Colon’s ex-husband and his testimony regarding the end of their marriage. And visit your nearest World Mission Society Church of God and get to know who we really are.

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  • Azzy

    Great follow-up! I’ve read up on this whole situation and I’m glad to see the truth of Michele Colon and her malicious motives are coming out. Keep it up!

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